What To Expect

As you enter the doors of the building here at TIK, our greeter team will be there to direct you to the Sanctuary, or help you find our awesome TIK Kids, our Children’s Ministries from ages 6 wks through 5th grade.

At this time our Ushers will be happy to help you find a seat. Depending on when you arrive, you are welcome to join the prayer for the service just before the service begins.

No matter which service you attend, on Sunday or on a Friday, it will begin with a time of Praise and Worship. The Church Worship Team (TWT) is full of energy and loves to worship God. We are confident that you will enjoy our fellowship as we worship the Lord together. We believe it will be a beautiful experience for you.

During the rest of the service, you will meet some of our Pastors and hear an awesome message from Pastor Joseph, Pastor Esther or one of the other fantastic teaching pastors here at the TIK.  At the conclusion of the service, you are welcome to be our guest for some refreshments, and stop by the Information Center to find out more about the ministries that we have here at TIK. We are excited that you are interested in checking us out and we hope to see you soon here in Eik, Tønsberg.

Connecting with God

We’ve found that God is interested in the lives of regular people like you and me. He cares about our lives, our jobs, our relationships, our families. Sometimes during the worship part of the service, while we are singing songs to God, He will touch people in an unmistakable way. During the messages, when the pastor is making some point or quoting a verse from the Bible, God will sometimes speak to our hearts profoundly. And at the end of each service, you’ll have an opportunity to receive prayer from our “prayer teams” – members of the church who will listen to your specific needs and ask God to do something about it. These times can be life-changing.

And that’s what we’re all about – connecting with God in worship and letting God connect with us to touch our hearts and change our lives – and connecting with others to do life together in the Kingdom of God.

Children & Families

We have a place for everyone at TIK including your children as young as 6 weeks old through school age in our children’s ministries.  Your child(ren) will attend a children’s ministry service with their peers, participating in Praise and Worship, Bible lessons and activities with trained teachers and team helpers.  The older Children from 6 to 12 years will be released from the sanctuary after worship for their class during our 11 am service.  We believe that we are a ministry for children and families, strengthening the family unit and playing an integral part in laying a strong foundation of Biblical truths in children.  Our foundational belief of children’s ministry is “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6, NKJV).

Worship Style

When you walk into the sanctuary, our ushers will be happy to help you should you need their assistance. As service begins, one of our worship leaders will greet everyone from the stage as our lively, worship starts and people begin to stand. You will hear people around you singing loudly with the worship team on the stage.  If you don’t no the songs, no worries, the songs would be on the screen so you can see the songs. Important to remember no body is looking at you, so just enjoy yourself!

Along with people singing, you will see people standing around you swaying with the music or clapping or even raising their hands as they sing (this is simply a sign of surrender or thank you to the Lord).

You may see different people leading the songs.  Hey…they are nice people, you’ll like them!  Please know that because TIK is a multi-cultural, multi-generational church, our music reflects many different styles and we are hopeful you will enjoy one or all of them.

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