TIK Women

“God is looking for women of purpose and power that will teach and raise the next generation of women. At TIK women´s ministry, we minister the message of God’s grace to our women, protect them from the weight of performance that pervades their responsibility, create a community of care, provide an environment of fellowship and demonstrate the Bible’s application to their particular roles.

We are raising women of God who value the Word of God and seek to encourage one another to walk in their God-ordained purpose. We stand on a common faith that there is Power in the name of Jesus. That Power can overcome any obstacle in our lives, ministries, and in this world. What challenges are you ready to overcome? Let’s partner in faith!

TIK Women ministry  holds monthly, meetings are centered on Bible-based topics. Our monthly activities include:

  • Prayer
  • Worship
  • Bible Study
  • Food and Fellowship

There is something here for every woman.

We look forward to fellowshiping with you!

“As the facilitator of the TIK Women´s ministry, my passion is for our women to understand that they were created by God with a purpose and that He has also empowered them to be the women, wives and mothers that they are to be. (Eph. 1:5-6)”
— Pastor Esther Akinyele